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Complivit for women 45 Plus tabs #30

Complivit for women 45 Plus tabs #30


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  • Complivit for women 45 Plus tabs #30 Complivit for women 45 Plus tabs #30

Complivit for women 45 Plus tabs #30

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Complivit for women 45 Plus vitamins

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Additional components:

The film shell contains the following components:

Form of issue

Green round tablets in a film shell with a specific smell. The form is biconvex.Tablets can be packed in jars of polymer (30, 60, 90, 100, 120 pieces) or in cells of contour packs of 10 pieces.In a pack of cardboard is an instruction, a jar of polymer (or 3.6 blisters).

pharmachologic effect

Multivitamin combined preparation, which includes minerals, herbal medicinal extracts of tsimitsifugi and motherwort, selenium and magnesium. Complivit 45 plus replenishes the lack of vitamins in the female body during hormonal adjustment (perimenopause) from the calculation of daily needs.Auxiliary components have a metabolic effect (L-carnitine), adaptogenic action (motherwort), and tsimitsifuga recovers the balance of hormones. Specialized production technology allows you to combine in 1 tablet several active ingredients, minerals and vitamins. The action of the drug is made up of the complex effects of all active substances.Ascorbic acid regulates metabolism, activates the work of the glands of internal secretion, participates in the processes of collagen synthesis, the formation of steroids, tissue regeneration restores capillary permeability. Vitamin C stimulates the bodys work, increasing its own defenses in contact with infectious agents prevents aging. Affects the clotting.Thiamine affects carbohydrate metabolism, participates in energy production processes, is an integral component in the chain of impulse transmission along the neuromuscular pathway.Riboflavin is involved in erythropoiesis, metabolism (protein, carbohydrate, fat), acts as an additional catalyst in the reactions and processes of cellular respiration, is a part of most enzymes. Vitamin B2 ensures the integrity of the blood cells of red blood cells and is required for normal, full-fledged work of the visual analyzer.Pyridoxine significantly reduces the risk of developing the majority of cardiovascular diseases. Has a mildly expressed diuretic effect, normalizes the lipid profile. It is necessary for the full functioning of the nervous system (peripheral and central parts), is involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates, amino acids.Pantothenic acid increases the bodys resistance to contact with infectious agents. Eliminates intestinal atony, normalizes energy processes in the heart muscle. Vitamin B5 promotes epithelial and endothelial regeneration, participates in oxidation processes, in acetylation reactions.Folic acid has an anti-anemic effect, is included in a variety of metabolic processes. It is able to increase endothelial thrombore resistance.Cyanocobalamin beneficially affects the work of the nervous system, stimulates the synthesis of myelin, is necessary for the metabolism of folic acid. It is the most important factor of normal epithelial growth and hematopoiesis, takes part in the processes of nucleotide synthesis.Nicotinamide reduces the cholesterol index, prevents the formation of the syndrome of chronic fatigue, takes part in carbohydrate and fat metabolism, tissue respiration.Rutozid normalizes capillary permeability, strengthens the walls of small vessels. Vitamin P is an antioxidant, participates in oxidative processes and reducing reactions, promotes the accumulation of ascorbic acid in the depot of tissues, prevents oxidation.Retinol supports the bodys own strength, immunity. Has antioxidant effect, is necessary for vision, acts as a component of rhodopsin (a specific visual pigment). Participates in the development of the skeletal system in the processes of synthesis, growth and maintenance of mucous membranes and skin.Alpha-tocopherol acetate is proven to slow down the aging process. Positively affects the condition of the musculoskeletal system, the work of sexual glands, the activity of the nervous system. It prevents the development of hemolysis (destruction), supports red blood cells in a stable state, has an antioxidant effect.L-carnitine is able to mobilize adipose tissue from the depot, activate fat metabolism. Restores the structure of the elements of the nervous system, stimulates regenerative processes, participates in the synthesis of muscle tissue, protein metabolism. Favorably affects the work of the immune system. There is a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. It is able to reduce the level of triglycerides in the lipid profile, total cholesterol in the blood. After prolonged physical exertion restores the working capacity of the organism. Carnitine is able to increase the tolerance of exercise.Tsimitsifuga promotes normalization of hormones level of estrogens and LH. Has hypotensive, miorelaxing, sedative and spasmolytic effects. Eliminates the negative manifestations of perimenopause, shows angioprotective, antioxidant and lipid-lowering activity, improves the contractility of the cardiac muscle - myocardium.Motherwort eliminates tachycardia, normalizes the work of the nervous system (central department), reduces the pressor effect of adrenaline on the vessels, has a sedative soothing effect, lowers the level of blood pressure.Selenium together with vitamins A, E and C improves its own adaptive forces of the organism with adverse effects of adverse factors (ecology, tobacco smoking, stressful situations). Stimulates the work of immunity. It is an antioxidant of natural origin.Magnesium stabilizes blood pressure to normal numbers, has vasodilator and antispastic effects. Has a sedative effect, is necessary for a full and healthy work of the nervous system.Complivit for women 45 plus ensures the supply of all substances necessary for the functioning of the body during hormonal adjustment.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Complivit for women is a combined drug, which makes it difficult to assess the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of each of the components of the drug.

Indications for the use of Complivit 45 Plus

Medication is prescribed to prevent the development of hypovitaminosis in female patients during perimenopause - hormonal changes in the body.


Side effects

Complivit for women 45 Plus rarely causes allergic responses that are stopped by antihistamines (Suprastin, Xyzal, Tavegil and others).

Instruction on Complivit women 45 Plus (Method and Dosage)

Tablets are intended for internal reception, preferably after meals.Scheme: 1 tablet once a day. The instruction recommends that each tablet be taken with the required amount of water.It is possible to increase the daily dosage by half according to the decision of the treating doctor. The course is designed for 3-4 months.


Detoxication therapy is carried out, including the appointment of enterosorbents (Smecta, Polysorb, Activated Carbon).With a single dose of large doses, it is effective to wash the stomach to prevent the absorption of drug residues from the digestive tract.


Complivit for women 45 Plus is not recommended to be taken simultaneously with other vitamin complexes to prevent hypervitaminosis.

Storage conditions

Limitation on the temperature regime - up to 25 degrees. In a dry place.Shelf life - 1,5 years.

special instructions

It is not recommended to depart from the treatment regimen and the terms of therapy indicated by the doctor. Riboflavin, which is part of the medicament, can give urine a specific amber color, which poses no danger to the patients health.With caution, appoint in the pathology of the liver system, in the treatment of drugs with hepatotoxic activity.


The medication is well tolerated without causing negative reactions. Patients leave positive reviews aboutComplivit for women 45 Plus, noting a decrease in the severity of unpleasant symptoms during the perimenopause.

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