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Vitrum Beauty Elite tabs #60

Vitrum Beauty Elite tabs #60


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  • Vitrum Beauty Elite tabs #60 Vitrum Beauty Elite tabs #60

Vitrum Beauty Elite tabs #60

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Vitrum Beauty Elite instruction

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Composition Vitrum Beauty Elite

Form of issue

Produced in tablets, externally coated with a shell.

pharmachologic effect of Vitrum Beauty Elite

The main pharmacological action of both Vitrum Beauty and Vitrum Beauty Elite is the replenishment of the minerals and vitamins formed in the body that are necessary for normal functioning.The active substances of these vitamin complexes actively participate in the processes of formation of collagen and other types of protein compounds that contribute to a significant improvement in the external state of the skin and nails, and also have a more than positive effect on the hair. No wonder this series is often called - vitamins for hair. Replenishment of the necessary supply of vitamins and minerals contributes to the improvement of the metabolism process and has a serious antioxidant effect.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The properties of the pharmacodynamics of the preparation are determined by vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and also by other various biologically active substances that make up the composition. Vitamins and minerals are important components of the enzymatic system of the human body, without them the process of normal metabolism and metabolism is impossible.The amino acid complex is responsible for the stabilization and improvement of digestive processes, actively assists in the assimilation of other useful substances that make up the complex.Papain is responsible for the normal hydrolysis of peptides and proteins, this substance facilitates the assimilation of protein compounds in the case of disorders and dysfunctions in the gastrointestinal tract and with dyspepsia.Inositol is one of the components of amylase, with its participation, the process of formation of pyruvic and lactic acids is normalized, the process of active carbohydrate metabolism is stimulated.Choline and methionine are the main sources of free methyl groups used in the synthesis of phospholipids and lecithin, which facilitates the normalization of lipid metabolism in the liver.Betaine stimulates the participation of cholesterol and methionine, which have moderate lipid-lowering activity. As substances-hepatoprotectors, betaine, choline and methionine prevent the process of fatty degeneration of the liver.Extract of field horsetail includes a complex of biologically active substances capable of providing for the body a diuretic, antibacterial, hemostatic, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effect.Organic silicic acid forms colloids of salt that inhibit the crystallization of urinary calculi, and also help the body to remove lead and saline formations of other heavy metals. As a source of organic silicon, the synthesis of collagen, epithelial tissue and other important protein compounds is activated - this has a positive effect on the repair processes of hair, skin and nails, accelerates the recovery of the epithelium after injuries from wounds and burns.The complex of citrus bioflavonoids with routine provides P-vitamin activity, angioprotective and antioxidant effect, which is expressed in: supporting the permeability and elasticity of blood vessels, preventing the formation of thrombi and atherosclerotic plaques in the blood. As a result of the use of these substances, the body manifests anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effect.Pharmacokinetic properties of the drug are not investigated.

Indications for use

It is recommended to take in case of deficiency of mineral substances, with vitamin deficiency and hypovitaminosis, with regular excessive mental and physical loads, during periods of prolonged or severe disease, with malnutrition and unbalanced nutrition, Vitrum for women is also highly recommended, as this multivitamin complex improves structure of nails, hair and skin.There is no restriction on the intake of Vitrum vitamins for women, and only for women, but the Vitrum Beauty series and Vitrum Beauty Elite are designed just for the fairer sex.


Contraindications to admission are provided only in cases of individual hypersensitivity of a person to one of the components of the complex.

Side effects

As side effects of taking the drug may be noted allergic reactions.Vitrum Beauty instructions, application (Method and dosage)Instructions for use Vitamin Vitrum Beauty involves taking the tablets inside after eating. Adults need to take 2 tablets per day. In the case of a special doctors recommendation, a person can take up to three tablets during the day.The instructions for Vitrum Beauty Elite are similar to Vitrum Beauty instructions for use.


Symptoms of drug overdose manifest dryness in the mouth, sensations of weakness, loss of appetite. If the symptoms of an overdose do not go away within a few hours of their appearance, you need to seek medical help from a doctor.Often overdose treatment involves taking the necessary amount of activated carbon, a procedure for washing the stomach, and if necessary, a person can be symptomatically treated.


It is not recommended to take other multivitamin complexes simultaneously with Vitrum Beauty and Vitrum Beauty Elite, otherwise the person may experience symptoms of an overdose.

Terms of sale

You can buy Vitrum Beauty Elite without a prescription.

Storage conditions

The main requirements for the storage of multivitamin complexes is a dry, inaccessible place for children, in which a special temperature regime is observed: from 10 to 30 degrees Celsius.Shelf life of the drug is five years from the date of its release.

special instructions

It is not recommended to take these multivitamin complexes together with other similar vitamin-containing preparations.It is necessary to prescribe with caution the reception for people suffering from acute and chronic nephritis and also in cases of cardiac decompensation.During the period of pregnancy and possible lactation, it is necessary to coordinate the drug with the doctor in charge.It is not recommended to take the drug to children under the age of twelve due to the fact that there are no clinical trials of its use in children at this age.When taking can be observed coloration of urine in a bright yellow, - this is completely harmless to the human body reaction, due to the high content of riboflavin in the multivitamin complex.

Reviews about Vitrum Beauty Elite

If it comes to reviews about Vitamins Vitamins Vitrum or vitumins Vitrum Beauty Elite, then most people agree in a positive opinion about this complex. In particular, almost all people note a very positive effect on the condition and regeneration of the skin, hair and nails.As for the opinions of doctors, the experts say that in terms of their composition - these are the best vitamins for hair that are present in the domestic pharmaceutical market.

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